We are delighted to have our new storytelling chair in the Red Area. The chair has been the product of a project between Claudia and children who attended The Red House in late 2017/early 2018 with the hope of creating a chair that reflected the wonderful realm of imagination in the Red Area and the depth and beauty of children’s drawings. The final design was the result of weekly workshops in Autumn 2017. These included a ‘night time safari’ large scale painting on black, large scale collages, using felt tip pens attached to gloves, large and small scale drawings, the last of these being what we collectively called ‘The Blanket’ a collection of small paper squares that when pieced together created an exquisite patchwork.

      ‘Night time safari’ and ‘ The Blanket’

Claudia cut out the individual pictures and rearranged them to include as many children’s work as possible and to keep the flow and energy we wanted to reflect the Red Area as a storytelling / role play environment. The collective collage was then photographed.


These photographs were hand delivered by the children to Sofa Magic on Coldharbour Road, during this visit the children were shown a range of fabrics to choose from for their pictures to be printed onto. When the pictures were printed onto the chosen fabric it was then used to cover the chair. If you haven’t already seen the storytelling chair in the Red Area please do come and have a look!


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