How to apply


  • Visit our website to request our prospectus
  • Once you have received your prospectus please take time to read about our educational approach and carefully consider if our terms and conditions re fees and admissions suit your needs. For example, The Red House has a minimum of one terms commitment.
  • Once you have read the information provided in the prospectus and you are happy with how we work then please telephone or email The Red House to arrange an initial visit. During this visit you will be able to ask any questions and will be shown around our nursery environment, we will also discuss the current availability of places. At the end of this visit you can take an application form away with you.
  • If you would like to book a place following your visit then please fill out the application form provided and return this form with the £75 non-returnable registration fee. This will secure your place and we will write to you to confirm the agreed start date and agreed session pattern that you have registered for. For more details please see “click here” below.
  • Closer to your agreed start date we will write to you again to confirm your two preliminary session dates/ times. For the first of these sessions you will come and spend time in The Red House with your child, familiarising yourself with the environment and the teaching team. The second session will be to talk through your child’s registration form and further discuss The Red House policies and procedures.

For important further information click here

  • Bookings are taken for September of each year. It is important to note that we have an established pattern of places available. This means for example that there are a certain number of places combining different days of the week. This helps us to maintain a manageable sized community within which we can work effectively.
  • A completed Application form and payment of the £75, nonreturnable Registration fee will book an agreed place and an agreed start date for September of any year.
  • In exceptional cases some September places can start in October as part of a staggered planned admission for each year.
  • Application forms and Registration fees will only be completed after discussing and agreeing availability – this initial agreement takes place during or after a visit.
  • On receipt of a completed Application form and the £75.00 Registration fee, families become ‘registered families’ and will receive written confirmation of their booked place.
  • Places are booked for a minimum of 1 term.
  • Occasionally places can become available at the start of the Spring (January) and Summer terms (April) and a start date earlier than September can be agreed. Families wishing to do this should indicate an ‘Early Admission’ request on the Application form. Please note that Early Admissions cannot be guaranteed.
  • Registered families may contact The Red House at any time to inquire about the likelihood of an Early Admission but it is The Red House’s responsibility to keep registered families informed of progress with Early Admissions applications and will do so before the start of the Spring and Summer terms.
  • If a family cannot book a place because there is no availability then families can request that The Red House carries forward their inquiry to the Spring and Summer terms of each year. This is known as the waiting list.
  • Families whose request is on the waiting list will be contacted about availability of places before the beginning of each term.
  • Emails will be sent each term to keep in contact and increase a sense of belonging as well as provide security about booked places. The Red House will also remind families, on each occasion, of the policy for the cancellation of places.
  • Requests to change agreed bookings, whether increasing or decreasing, unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.
  • Keeping in contact with families ensures that the planned admissions remain as accurate as possible and any cancellations of places are made at the earliest possible date. This in turn ensures that any families on the waiting list or families waiting for Early Admissions, are offered places as soon as they become available.
  • By 31st May of each year, all September bookings are considered final. Any cancellations of places after this date will incur a charge equivalent to the terms fees.
  • In June and July, registered families will be sent all admissions paperwork along with the Autumn term invoices and dates for preliminary sessions.
  • In order to keep in contact with all registered families. The Red House will email every registered family with confirmation of their future booking.
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